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1894 Class Crew 1894 Class Crew

The class crew of 1894 rows on Lake Waban, near College Hall. Helen Foss (cox), Marion Canfield, Gertrude Angell, Grace Edwards, Sarah Burro...

Barnard College Class Portrait 1894 Barnard College Class Portrait 1894

Class portrait of the 1894 graduates of Barnard College. Verso of original backing reads "2929 Broadway, New York, Cathedral 5794"...

Elsie Winchester Coolidge diary, 1894 Elsie Winchester Coolidge diary, 1894

Diary kept by Elsie Winchester Coolidge (Radcliffe College, Class of 1895) during the year 1894.  The diary includes short entries d...

Float Float

Students in shells (some in academic regalia and some in uniform) form a star on Lake Waban for assembled spectators. May 1894....

Interior Chemistry Lab, 1894 Interior Chemistry Lab, 1894

The chemistry lab at 518 5th Avenue, which was in use while Barnard's campus occupied the building at 343 Madison Avenue....

Raymond, Cornelia M. Diary, 1894 Raymond, Cornelia M. Diary, 1894

Short entries in a page a day format. Generally, she writes on her health (including vaccinations and taking electricity), social events, st...

Zoology Class Zoology Class

Seven students examine specimens while instructor observes. Class of 1894?...

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