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Posted on May 4 2018 by Jessica C. Linker, CLIR Humanities and Digital Scholarship Postdoctoral Fellow, Bryn Mawr College

Historical Thinking for Digital Projects: Teaching Research Skills with the Mary Whitall Worthington Diaries

Over winter break, two of the undergraduate Digital Scholarship Research Assistants (DSRAs) completed internships for Bryn Mawr’s History of Women in Science (HoWiS) Project. I’m going to recount how College Women played a part in this process by telling you about a transcription exercise I used to prepare the DSRAs to research in Bryn Mawr College’s Special Collections.

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Posted on April 24 2018 by Evan McGonagill

What’s new on College Women since 2015?

The College Women project team is excited to introduce an updated and expanded version of Our second grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities has allowed us to make great headway—adding content, improving the look and feel of the site, and strengthening the search functionality. Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to in the second phase of College Women...

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Posted on April 23 2018 by Evan McGonagill

Seven Sisters Colleges Launch Updated & Expanded Portal

The Seven Sisters colleges announce the completion of a two year grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. College Women: Documenting the History of Women in Higher Education funded the digitization of a wealth of student letters, diaries, scrapbooks and photographs. As a result of the project, the institutions digitized more than 75,000 pages of documents from over 100 collections of student writings from the middle of the nineteenth century to World War II.

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Posted on March 14 2018 by The College Women Project Team

Using the Site: The College Women "Themes"

Items in College Women have been assigned one or more Themes by their contributing institutions. Themes is a custom metadata field developed by the College Women project team, which is intended to facilitate better curatorial connections between our materials and to enable scholars and students to easily pull together related results. The terms describe commonly occurring broad subjects that emerge across the collections.

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Posted on March 8 2018 by Evan McGonagill

Further Resources on Women and Higher Education: a Bibliography

Included here is a bibliography of scholarly works originally included in the beta launch of College Women in May 2015. We wanted to share this content again as a resource for our readers to situate these collections within the context of scholarship about women’s higher education in the United States and to provide a starting point for a further exploration.

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Posted on November 7 2017 by Eric Pumroy, Bryn Mawr College Head of Special Collections

National Elections on Campus: "Wild Disorder and Tremendous Enthusiasm"

Elections were boisterous affairs on women’s college campuses a century ago, despite the fact that women did not have the right to vote. In 1908, Bryn Mawr junior Mary Whitall Worthington wrote at length about the raucous election eve parade, speeches and straw vote on campus in her diary.

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Posted on October 27 2017 by Katie Prince, Class of 2019, and Mount Holyoke College Archives Summer Student Assistant 2017

Mary Lyon, Mount Holyoke founder and fitness enthusiast! (Or, The First Fifty Years of Physical Education)

Mount Holyoke’s founder Mary Lyon was a proponent of both academic education and physical exercise for her students. Despite popular opinion that women were too delicate for strenuous activity, she installed a program of vigorous outdoor walks and calisthenic exercises when the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary first opened in November 1837.

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Posted on October 2 2017 by Eric Pumroy and Evan McGonagill, Bryn Mawr College

Career Paths: Educated Women Educating Others

​The first few weeks of fall semester mark the start of an important period for seniors: life after college takes on a new immediacy, and hunting for jobs or planning for graduate study kicks into full gear. That was no less true for students at women’s colleges in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries

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